Centre Vision is an independently owned and operated optometrist who look after Crow’s Nest residents with vision problems. Our services include eye exams and appropriate prescriptions, and we correct vision problems with various glasses or contact lens options. We also have Ortho K treatment for correction eyesight problems at night, and various means for assisting those with more serious vision conditions.

Orthokeratology Crow’s Nest

Clients who want unaided vision during the day can use orthokeratology contact lenses at night. This is a non-surgical method using rigid lenses to correct the physical shape of the eye while the patient is asleep. They must be designed specifically for each patient, and require similar adjustment to regular contacts, but their ability to correct vision is impressive. Centre eyes prescribes lens for and supports orthokeratology; neutral bay residents have several options for vision correction.

Ortho K Crow’s Nest

This is another term for Orthokeratology, where lenses worn at night correct daytime vision.

Keratoconus Crow’s Nest

Keratoconus is a degenerative disorder of the eye in which the cornea becomes conical in shape rather than curved. This condition strongly compromises vision, and will steadily worsen over time. Though the resulting poor vision can be compensated for with glasses Keratoconus is often treated with contact lenses and Orthokeratology. This contact lens system tends to use hard lenses to reshape the cornea rather that soft lenses to refocus the light. It also helps slow the degenerative vision loss. Individuals who suspect they have any vision problems including keratoconus should have an immediate eye exam.

Myopia Control Contact Lenses Crow’s Nest

Myopia is short sightedness, where distant objects are hard to focus on. This is caused by a malformed lens in the eye, and tends to get worse with age. The use of Ortho K lens has been shown to prevent the eyesight problems from getting worse. Orthokerotology uses contact lenses at night to temporarily correct eyesight focal problems. As well as allowing normal daytime vision these lenses prevent the vision problems form becoming worse, meaning the patient’s prescription does not alter.

Glasses Crow’s Nest

Centre vision supplies glasses for Crow’s Nest residents. Minor vision issues can often be satisfactorily treated with suitable glasses, provided that prescriptions are accurate. Glasses are the most common form of vision correction; many find they are no real inconvenience. Some even find the right frames complement their appearance.
In addition to the many styles of frames available glasses can also perform many different functions. Some of these variations are for different eye conditions; others are a matter of an individual’s preference. Sunglasses, transition lenses that vary with bright light and anti-reflective lenses have always been popular choices. Modern customers can also use tri focal glasses, with a middle focal distance designed for computer screens.