Centre Eyes is an independently owned and operated optometrist in Sydney’s Neutral Bay. Our high standards for eye care extend to prescription glasses, various types of contact lens and Orthokeratology for neutral bay residents.

Glasses Neutral Bay

Centre vision supplies glasses for neutral bay residents. Minor vision issues can often be satisfactorily treated with suitable glasses. Prescriptions must be accurate, but many find glasses are no real inconvenience. Some even find the right frames complement their appearance.

In addition to the many styles of frames available glasses can also perform many different functions. Some of these variations are for different eye conditions; others are a matter of an individual’s preference. Sunglasses, transition lenses that vary with bright light and anti-reflective lenses have always been popular choices. Modern customers can also use tri focal glasses, with a middle focal distance designed for computer screens.

Contact lenses Neutral Bay

Some individuals with vision problems prefer the less noticeable aid of contact lenses. Contacts are a medical appliance and require correct fitting and accurate prescriptions. Technology for this type of vision correction has progressed considerably, and many different options are available. There are lens that can be worn and disposed of on a daily or monthly basis, lens that can be left in overnight, and lens more traditional hard lens. We also offer orthokeratology night contact lenses; neutral bay residents can use corrective lenses overnight that allow clear vision during the day.

Orthokeratology Neutral Bay

Clients who want unaided vision during the day can use orthokeratology contact lenses at night. This is a non-surgical method using rigid lenses to correct the physical shape of the eye while the patient is asleep. They must be designed specifically for each patient, and require similar adjustment to regular contacts, but their ability to correct vision is impressive. Centre eyes prescribes lens for and supports orthokeratology; neutral bay residents have several options for vision correction.

Ortho K Neutral Bay

This is another term for Orthokeratology, where lens worn at night correct daytime vision. Because lenses are only worn at night, for 7 – 8 hours while the eyes remain shut, many clients find this preferable to wearing glasses or contacts for the duration of the day.

Myopia Control Neutral Bay

Myopia is short sightedness. There are many options for myopia control, neutral bay Centre Vision offers various options for contacts and glasses, as well as overnight Orthokeratology treatment.

Macular Degeneration Neutral Bay

Macular degeneration is a medical condition that sees gradual loss of central vision. It does not cause complete blindness, but loss of central vision makes many daily tasks extremely difficult if not impossible. Macular degeneration tends to occur in older age, though it may develop for many years before being noticed. A healthy lifestyle free of smoking seem to have some benefit for preventing the problem. Those already suffering macular degeneration can receive treatment to slow down the progression of the symptoms. For those suffering macular degeneration Neutral Bay based Centre Vision can provide appropriate treatment. People suspecting a problem should have an eye exam as soon as possible.