Orthokeratology Sydney

Orthokeratology uses contact lenses worn overnight to remove vision problem. Many vision problems are related to a misshaped cornea. Corrective lenses used in orthokeratolgy steadily reshape the cornea and restore normal vision.

Three of the most common visions problems are myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. These correspond to short sightedness, long sightedness and a condition where the horizontal and vertical vision focus differently. All of these are the result of a misshaped cornea focusing incoming light ineffectively. In the past corrective lenses were used to compensate for the ineffective focus. But the vision was only corrected when the corrective lenses, in the form of glasses or contacts, were worn. The eye itself was never altered; its compromised function was only ever compensated for.

Orthokeratology uses lenses to physically reshape the cornea of the eye. These lenses are worn overnight, allowing improved vision when removed. Good results only require a few day of treatment, though the treatment must be ongoing if the improved vision is to be retained. The great advantage of this approach is that corrected vision becomes part of the normal daily functioning, with no glasses or daytime lenses required. This is a great advantage for many people, requiring only the minimal inconvenience of overnight treatment.

Keratoconus optometrist Sydney

Keratoconus is a condition where thinning of the cornea causes the front of the eye to protrude. This is a serious degenerative disorder, growing worse with age. It severely compromises vision. Thankfully Orthokeratology has proved particularly useful in treating Keratoconus. Other than surgical treatments, which are quite complex with this condition, Orthokeratology appears the best option for Keratoconus patients. It restores acceptable vision while slowing the progression of the condition.

Ortho K Sydney

If you want to be free of glasses or daytime contacts talk to your Orthokeratology optometrist. Many vision problems are fully treatable with this approach.

Keratoconus Sydney

Keratoconus requires ongoing treatment. Orthokeratology not only improves vision, it significantly slows the degenerative progress of the disease. Talk to the specialist about the best option for your situation.