Spectacle Frames

We stock a large range of quality spectacle frames for any personality, ranging from conservative styles to more bold, funky styles.
We also stock a variety of fashion and sporty sunglasses.
Our range also includes kids frames and sunglasses for babies and infants.
We can also advise you on laser vision correction.

Polarised Sunglasses

Polarised sunglasses help to reduce glare off shiny non-metallic surfaces. They allow the wearer to see straight through water and eliminate glare from road surfaces. Polarised lenses are ideal for those who are very sensitive to glare and are looking for better clarity through their lens.

Full Tint

Full tint lenses are available in many colours and are ideal for protecting the eyes against harmful UV radiation, increases contrast perception and reducing eyestrain in heavy lighting conditions. Different colours offer different functions. For example, brown lenses block blue light and heighten contrast and visual acuity, which is ideal for sports and driving. Grey lenses are the most effective for reducing overall brightness while preserving normal colour vision, which is ideal for every day use and for people with greater sensitivity to light. Green lenses increases contrast while keeping colour balance, which are ideal for those who play sports but are also very sensitive to light.

Graduated Tint

Graduated tinted sunglasses are dark at the top of the lens and fade into a lighter shade at the bottom of the lens. This lens is ideal for driving and tasks that require vision tasks that are difficult with a tinted lens as the lighter tint allows the driver to view control clearly. These lenses are also fashionable and work well with large frames.